Thursday, August 7, 2008

Guest taught my friend's zumba class today...

It was awesome. She had about 20 people, which is great for a zumba class, and the class is so lively and energetic. It add's a positive spin to the class and makes it more fun. I led three songs:

que hiciste

chan chan (this was the cool down)

que te pica

The class seemed to like my songs, and both they and my friend asked me to come back. Next week, I've got two meetings with two other gyms that may want me teaching there regularly. If you are in my area and need someone to teach zumba for you, heck, let me know!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This is 911, would you like to try our large pizza special?

Okay... people can do some pretty moronic things, but why on God's green earth would ANYONE call 911 to order a pizza? because they couldn't get through on Domino's line, that's why! Common sense, right? It seems that people call 911 for pretty much everything, from pizza orders, to moving furniture to sports scores. This genius may take the cake though. He called 911 because his sandwich was fixed incorrectly. Trust me, you read that correctly, even though I wish it was a typo. What makes it worse is that he called them twice. There was a happy ending, however - The man was locked up and charged for making false 911 calls.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Twitter makes stalking fun...

there's no rest for the weary if you are a corporate mercenary such as myself. I have had NO SLEEP AT ALL since Thursday. Today is Sunday - I think. I'm used to it, but it makes the days all seem to mesh into one heinously long day. Ah well. Last night was a decent night at the club - a lot of customers, no fights and I got to hang out a little after my shift ended. After that it was back to the grind. I've been writing up pitch letters that I am sending to local gyms in hopes of landing some Zumba clients. I have already gotten a reply on one (it's only been an hour since I sent it), and they are going to discuss it further with me. Hopefully that's a good sign.

In other news, I've been twittering my life away since I signed up yesterday. I mean, seriously, who ever would've thought that constantly updating the world on what you are doing could be so much fun? An even better question: Who ever would've thought that anyone would even care about what I was doing 24/7? Twitter makes stalking fun. They should use that as their slogan.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Corporate Mercenary?

Yeah, that pretty much sums me up. I am the epitome of Dr. Jekyll. By day I am a corporate guy - I am a content developer for a Fortune 500 company. In my free time - if you actually call it that - I freelance - health and fitness mostly, as that's where the bulk of my knowledge lies. I am also a fitness (Zumba and muay thai, interesting combination, right?). By night, I am a bouncer at a popular downtown club(that is the Hyde to the corporate Jekyll, in case you hadn't guessed).

the teaching, writing and bouncing positions are all contract. The day job is very corporate. So there you have it, corporate mercenary. Yeah.

Here are two of the places you may see my writing:

There are some other sites as well, but those other sites are mainly rehashes of what's on those three. I'm also working with some local magazines. I'll throw up links to those when there are versions available online.